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*FREE* Belly Busting for Blokes : 5 Steps to Bust

Nicole Senior,Veronica Cuskelly,: Belly Busting for Blokes : 5 Steps to Bust the Bulge

Belly Busting for Blokes : 5 Steps to Bust the Bulge


"Belly Busting for Blokes" is a combination of health advice and diet book for men. It offers information and recipes that encourage men to lose weight around their middle. As obesity numbers rise worldwide, weight gain amongst men has risen at unprecedented levels. It isn't just how much you weigh, but how much of your fat is located in your abdomen. Men are more likely than women to gain weight around the waist. This 'central' obesity is a ticking time-bomb for male health which can lead to a greater risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis and can knock years off men's lives. On top of that, obese men are more likely than others to have low levels of the sex hormone testosterone. Losing abdominal fat can reduce all these health issues for men. "Belly Busting for Blokes" shows men how to lose their abdominal fat - one of the most important steps they can take to stay healthy and happy for life. It is also aimed primarily at men from middle-age on and the text is written in short grabs and blocks to encourage men to read it in short bursts.

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Author: Nicole Senior,Veronica Cuskelly,
Number of Pages: 208 pages
Published Date: 01 Jun 2012
Publisher: IMM Lifestyle Books
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: none
ISBN: 9781780092409
Download Link: Click Here

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