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>FREE< How to Lower Your Cholesterol with French G

Chef Alain Braux,Alain Braux,: How to Lower Your Cholesterol with French Gourmet Food : A Practical Guide

How to Lower Your Cholesterol with French Gourmet Food : A Practical Guide


The secret to living... truly living and not just existing starts with us. We are what we eat....if we want optimum health, body and mind. It is a choice. Despite the steady growth of healthcare professions, we, as a society continue to become more ill due to over processed and bioengineered foods yet the answer is so simple. So basic. The answers are in this book. Chef Alain Braux will not only guide you how to achieve a healthy mind and body but his delicious and nutritious recipes can also help heal the body with joyous food. His book will lead to lower cholesterol, renewed energy and vitality that you thought you lost! If you buy one book on how nutrition and good food can change your life, this is it! - Kim Stanford. Co-Author of Gluten Freedom Chef Alain Braux is a French certified chef and a nutritherapist - a nutritionist that helps his clients with assorted food allergies live a normal life through healing foods recommendations.

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Author: Chef Alain Braux,Alain Braux,
Number of Pages: 274 pages
Published Date: 09 Aug 2009
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Country: North Charleston SC, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781448676972
Download Link: Click Here

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