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[FREE] Shape Shifting--Reclaiming Your Perfect Bod

Lisa Bonnice,: Shape Shifting--Reclaiming Your Perfect Body

Shape Shifting--Reclaiming Your Perfect Body


The earth is shifting and changing in very powerful ways. There is no doubt about that. No matter your philosophy, politics or religion, you can't help but notice. We all acknowledge, on some level, that it is shifting its shape back into health and alignment with its highest possibilities. As above, so below. As the earth shifts and changes, so do its inhabitants. We are going through the same shifts and changes, back into health and alignment with our highest possibilities. However, most of us don't see it that way. We still see our bodies as 3D, physical masses of flesh, blood and bone. So, we still see dis-ease and overweight as physical problems. Lisa Bonnice leads you through a fascinating discussion about how we can use a new view of our physical forms to bring about the authentic, genuine self that our very cells holds in their memory--a form that is simply itching to come forth, if only we would ask it to. The best thing is, as you begin the process, you see that your overall life is improving because you are becoming your authentic, genuine self and are, therefore, attracting a more authentic and genuine life. Join Lisa on her radio show, Shape Shifting with Lisa Bonnice. Discover how to use the Shape Shifting process, the Shape Shifters Workbook, and how to start your own Shape Shifters Group, if you are moved to do so. When we choose to respect and honor our physical form, it becomes much easier to create the shape we wish for it to be. It helps to know what our buried thoughts are because, whether we know it or not, we are shifting our shapes with those thoughts. We might as well make them good ones!

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Author: Lisa Bonnice,
Number of Pages: 204 pages
Published Date: 01 Oct 2007
Publisher: Shape Shifting
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780979999901
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