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Harvey J Widroe M D,: Smart Dieters Drop Pounds

Smart Dieters Drop Pounds


EAT, CHEAT And DROP POUNDS! The success of The Smart Dieter's Cheating Guide and suggestions by its readers have inspired me to write a new version, SMART DIETERS DROP POUNDS: The Real World Dieter's Cheating Guide. This revised and enlarged version is even more helpful for us dieters to achieve lasting weight loss. Smart Dieters Drop Pounds is not a zany new diet that works but is impossible to live with for more than a few weeks. Even sensible diets that demand daily calorie counts or special food preparation get swept away by the stresses of day to day life and invariably fail. In sharp contrast Smart Dieters Drop Pounds is an approach to weight loss with a focus on the dieter's mindset. It is easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to use in day to day real life. We learn how to pursue a weight loss program despite all of the stressors that plague us. You can live with this program over the long term and maintain weight loss forever. Smart Dieters Drop Pounds debunks diet myths that confuse and mislead the dieter. It explains the role of exercise and its limitations. It reviews diet pills, their failure and their dangers. It looks at weight loss clubs, how they work and always fail. We check-out the mind of the dieter, how it leads us astray and then punishes us for our dietary sins. On a positive note, we learn certain easy to understand and easy to use mental tools that help us limit our calorie intake without a lot of effort. We then learn how to use those tools in real life situations. We learn how to diet at the office, when we are alone, in front of the TV, on weekends, with or without the help of a loved one, with kids, in social situations, in restaurants, on vacation, etc. Finally a we find a detailed painless approach to maintaining weight loss once we meet our goals. This is an interactive book. It enables you to see yourself as a thoughtful dieter and to follow your work in helping you to a better and thinner life.THIS ONE WORKS FOR YOU

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Author: Harvey J Widroe M D,
Number of Pages: 222 pages
Published Date: 03 Feb 2011
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: North Charleston SC, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781453786840
Download Link: Click Here

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